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Creative Islander is a division of Island Touch Gifs & Baskets, which is a Veteran owned and operated small business, who believed in spreading the tranquil, warmth and relaxing feel of the Caribbean lifestyle as a gifting experience for everyone.

Founded in 2019 in Colorful Colorado, we wanted to bring a piece of the Caribbean Island lifestyle to this beautiful mountainous state. In doing so, we created a gifting store that creates a harmonious blend of both places in our gifting process. Like many businesses we too, began this humble start in the attached sunroom of the founder's home. Fast forward to today we are online based after proudly  our very own store front in the heart of Old Colorado City and a spacious warehouse to create our signature amazing products located in the heart of downtown Fountain.

We believe that a gift giving should be a beautiful, thoughtful and personal to create an emotional experience. So, whether you're celebrating a special day, a milestone, or just to celebrate and brighten someone's day; we want to help you achieve an elevated feeling of happiness in your gifting experience.


Just remember every time you support Creative Islander you are supporting other small locally owned, women-owned and veteran-owned business, who play an important step in your gifting experience. Creating a level of quality and care that are unmatched.


Founder & CEO

Only known to the locals only as Ebony. She is a British American originally from the Caribbean Island of Anguilla located 18.2206° N, 63.0686° W. After a brief time in service in the U.S. Army, she launched Creative Islander a division of Island Touch Gifts & Baskets along with her three daughters in 2019.


After experiencing her first winter season, it became her mission initially to create selfcare products for herself and children, however the greatest of these products could not be contained and was eventually given as gifts to everyone, that they too can enjoy that feeling of relaxation, peace and tranquility during the dark, grey winter season.  This became the opening door to take the gifting to the next level by transforming how people receive and give gifts, creating an overall experience with an island feel touch to be enjoyed year-round, replicating the euphoric feeling of the Caribbean lifestyle and styles. ​

The Creative Islander could not be possible without the amazing team of little workers.


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