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Let enjoy a jouful moment between lovers, friends and/or family with a picnic escape


This Picnic includes:

2 Hours + Low Wooden Table + Rug + Pillows + Throw Blankets + Blanket Basket + Bed Severing Tray + Beverage Glasses + Napkins + Candles + Bluetooth Speaker + Side Table + Complimentary Iced Water 


*Umbrella & Bubble Tent extra fee

*Location fee applied to locations outside of the Fountain/Colorado Springs Area



MOUNTAIN - Shades of Green, Grey & White 

TROPICS  - Shades of Orange, Yellow & Pink

NOIR - Shades of Black, Brown & Tan

BLANC - Shades of White, Tan & Cream 

MEDITERRANEAN-  Shades of Blue, White & Yellow

Date Escapes

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