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Our Floating Rosary is 100% helium filled and comes in one size. It is delivered tied to a weight. It comes in two available colors with a complimentary cross mylar balloon (Black & Gold - White & Silver)


*We do not condone balloon realeases or recommende the rosary balloon to be released. Howveer the resposibility of the rosary falls stricly on the client once delivered/picked-up.


*A 7 DAY Minimum is required for all Rosary Balloons 

Floating Rosary

  • Ideal balloon temperature is 70 - 78 Degrees F. Please DO NOT leave your balloon in a hot vehicle, as the sunlight and heat will cause the balloon to become cloudy, deflate and/or pop. It is suggested that balloons be removed from vehicle and/or balloon bags within 30 minutes to extend the life of your balloon.


    Creative Islander  is not responsible for balloon/balloons that are cloudy, popped or deflated once it leaves the store location.


    All sales are final!!

  • Balloons CANNOT be shipped. Local in store pick up or delivery only.

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